No one beats our prices. Take the challenge we dare you. Get a GIA report on the diamond you are looking for from any dealer and we will better the price every time. 

Bold Claim?

Not really. As a direct diamond cutter in Dallas, we cut out all the middlemen. Five to be precise. From the diamond mine to the retail store diamonds change hands six times.

1. Diamond Corporations
2. Diamond Cutter
3. Market Buyer
4. Diamond Wholesaler
5. Diamond Broker Dealer
6. Jewelry Stores
7. Consumer End User

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If you are wanting to sell you diamonds and jewelry please get one or two quotes from other reputable dealers so we can always better their price.

If you are looking to buy diamonds we have large selection of Natural Diamonds as well as Lab Grown Diamonds.

All our diamonds are conflict free and come with authentic certificates such as GIA.

We consign jewelry at no cost to you. No fees, hidden charges. Only 15% of the sale price when it sells.


Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds (also called man-made, lab-created or synthetic diamonds) are more ethical, beautiful and affordable than anything we will get out of the earth. We’re replicating the earth’s natural process by crystallizing carbon into brilliant diamonds that are chemically, optically and physically identical to earth-mined diamonds, but come priced up to 40% less, and free of any environmental or …


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